Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Heart Faces June Photo Challenge, "All Boy!"

Photo Challenge Submission
The June photo challenge at I Heart Faces is, "All Boy!"  I am entering this image from a candid moment that occurred during a tea party shoot I did with my kids.  My son had reluctantly agreed to participate as long as he would be rewarded with cookies.  During the shoot, he tried to sneak daughter reprimanded him...and he started negotiating.  He wanted 'just one' right then and there and she was telling him he could have two...but only AFTER the shoot was over-or he was just going to ruin everything (insert lots of drama).  They were quite seriously debating this issue when I took this shot.  It still cracks me up to see it.  He is so obviously teasing her--which is what little brothers LOVE to do!  Such a BOY!

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