Monday, December 28, 2009

I Heart Faces - Hilarious Outtakes

Here are my entries to 'Hilarious Outtakes' at the I Heart Faces photo contest this week. This was my very first photo shoot. My brother and his family were kind enough to be the guinea pigs. They drove to our house after church on a Sunday, thinking that the baby would nap on the way there. He didn't. He was in no mood for a photo shoot, to say the least. He gave me this awful look for one of the shots, which ended up being my brother's favorite because he has a great sense of humor. (Thankfully!!)

This is my three year old son, giving me his cutest 'smile.' I photograph my kids so often that sometimes they just tire of it and give me goofy looks or smiles.

In my viewfinder, this looked like such a sweet picture. My little boys gazing wistfully at the Christmas tree, arms around each other...such bliss.
I uploaded it and noticed that my youngest was pinching his older brother. How typical!

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Zoey and Kate

Here is a photo of my precious, youngest girls, home for Christmas this year. We traveled to China to adopt them in Jan. 2009 so this is their very first Christmas.

Friday, December 18, 2009

I Heart Faces - Fix-it Friday

Here is my entry to fix-it Friday. I love this photo but it is lacking a wow factor. I love how my girls are looking at each other--but I'm wondering if I should crop it? If I crop it, I lose a lot of the fence, though. Also..the color...ugh. The first one is almost SOOC--just some minor editing with the software that came with my computer--contrast, is all I did, I think.

The second one was edited using all the auto functions of PS Elements 7. It's too green, but I do like the red skirt and the sharpness. HELP!

I'm sorry...I don't know how to give you the details of the shot. I do know that I shot it in auto (I know....I'm such an amateur.)

For any interested readers...the comment section will have critiques--don't be offended. :)

Thank you SO MUCH for feedback!
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