Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's "Winter Wonderland" week at I Heart Faces!

It's "Winter Wonderland" week at I Heart Faces! Faced with the daunting task of going through my winter photos, I looked outside this morning and the snow was coming down in huge, beautiful flakes! Seriously...they were the size of silver dollars. I bundled my kids up and out we went into the snow. This photo is of my four year old, who recently received a prosthetic leg. Since she was born with a leg and foot defect, this is the first week that she has been able to walk and play in the snow on two wonderful legs! She is loving it!

Zoey girl

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  1. I love the pic and the story behind her great expression!

  2. she looks truly HAPPY to be in that moment and for me, that's what photography is all about - each and EVERY moment, especially ones like this! Thanks for sharing her story, too ;)